If Cats Could Talk


If Cats Could Talk

Everybody who’s ever owned a cat knows -they have their days. And you thought Grumpy Cat was always having a bad day. Meet one very special cat named Sylvester, who just can’t his mouth shut!

If it’s not about food or creature comforts, this incredible feline is giving his owner a piece of his mind. Watch the daily antics that make Sylvester an instant hit, so much you’ll love to watch it again!

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So, most people like to talk to their cats, but after this, you’ll swear they may answer right back. It seems clear enough that Sylvester isn’t in the mood for conversation, so he gets right to the point. And most of those times you can’t help to laugh out loud at the outlandish things he can say. Add a splash of Annoying Orange with Garfield and for sure you’ll get Sylvester the Cat.

But when things get worse, this cantankerous cat is on the warpath. Watch what happens when his owner brings Random Kitten home for a couple of days. Shed a tear if you must, it might just be from laughing too hard. We won’t spoil the best part of this amazing home video, you honestly have to watch it for yourself. Let’s just say it gives Post-it notes a whole new reason for being.

After all, is said and done, you might happen to think twice if cats could talk. Sylvester proves that; right from the get-go, which can only leave you to think “Who’s really in charge here?” We might think we own a cat but obviously, it’s the other way around. If you’re a cat lover like us, come share this side-splitting video with friends. We’re sure that Sylvester is destined to claw his way to the top soon enough!

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