Jesse The Wonder Cat – Thrown Out Of A Car


This story is about a kitten that was thrown out of a car – Now tell me how can anybody do this ?
Jesse the beautiful ginger cat cannot use his back legs to walk, but he’s figured out a way to move around and nothing can stop this wonder cat. He loves life and especially his human companions.

“He is really amazing. The best cat ever! He was thrown from a car as a kitten but still loves humans and would never hurt anyone. He loves to flirt with everyone,” said one of Jesse’s caretakers at the Cat Clinic of Chattanooga.

Jesse is great with other cats. He’s been helping kitties coming into the clinic and providing them comfort and lots of playtime. “Jesse always hangs with kittens and other cats. In fact he loves kittens and playing.”

They made Jesse a wheel chair to help him navigate, but Jesse wanted to walk on his own. “He has a wheel chair but hates it. He can run and play just fine.”

Today Jesse is living at the clinic and being taken care by his human friends. He’s inspired so many with his story – despite his disability, Jesse is always so happy and living his life to the fullest.

Meet Jesse the wonder cat!

Jesse the wonder cat 1

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