When The Landlord Banned Cat-Flaps, This Genius Guy Built A Ladder For His Cat To Sneak In


What Tariq Khoyaratty did when his landlord banned cat-flaps in his building was not only smart – it was amazing!

Oxford-based Khoyaratty and his girl Nikki live in a Grade II building, which in the UK means that it’s deemed historically significant and protected under various regulations. This makes building alterations almost impossible, so the couple decided to build a ladder for the kittie to run up and jump through an open upstairs window.


‘We were a little anxious at first as to whether he’d use the ladder so we made a small practice one which we propped against the downstairs window. ‘Once he was used to that, we persuade him onto the larger ladder with treats and he took to it very quickly.’


Now the ladder is Nelson’s route in and out of the house. The couple also installed rugs around the bottom of the ladder to soften any potential crash.


They used an elastic bungee cord to attach the top of the ladder to a bedroom window. The whole 7-metre structure cost less than $30.


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