Where To Leave A Cat For Vacation


Vacations can often interfere with cat care, especially since cats require food, play, attention and care. Therefore, traveling can present a host of different issues for you if you are not familiar with any available resources. It is important to leave your cat in safe hands before you leave. Cats are very self-sufficient animals, but they do require some degree of supervision. Therefore, whether you are travelling within the state or overseas, you must arrange cat care well in advance.

Generally speaking, cats prefer to adhere to a schedule. A change in routine can give a cat anxiety in some instances. Furthermore, when you leave your cat companion to go on vacation, you risk the possibility of disrupting their daily routine.

So, what alternatives are available for you? This hinges on a few different factors. For example, how much attention does your cat generally require? Is your cat aloof? Is your ct accustomed to changing surroundings? Do you know any pet sitters or friends who can watch over your cat? 


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