Lobstah the Cat Climbs to Instagram Fame


Lobstah is the little cat who was found in the San Fransisco streets by an SPCA staff when it was around four months old, the little cat had very adorable eyes,claws making him very cute making someone love him more and also adore him a lot.Apart from its lovely eyes, well-shaped claws, Lobstah had some underlying heartbreaking health complicated conditions which were later realized by the SPCA staff when the little cat stopped popping and eating.



The SPCA staff later found out that the little Lobstah had a complicated birth defect and also had an underdeveloped chest wall defect.Therefore, the staff knew that if the problem would not be corrected, it would cut the little kitten life short.Therefore, the SPCA staff had to do something very crucial in order to save the life on the little lobstah cat and that only thing was to rush him for emergency surgery.


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