Man Dies Cradling Cat To Shield Her During Building Collapse


For some people, protecting their loved ones isn’t just a noble duty — it’s an natural instinct.

On early Tuesday morning, an apartment building in the village of Thane, India, suddenly collapsed, claiming the lives of a dozen residents. But amid the heartbreaking devastation, a symbol of hope and love emerged. While scouring through the rubble in search of survivors, rescue crews found living evidence of one man’s extraordinary sacrifice on behalf of his pet.


“As we removed the debris looking for trapped people under it, we saw legs and started clearing the rubble to rescue the person. It was an old man holding a cat in his arms,” an official from the National Disaster Response Force told the Mumbai Mirror.

“The feline was alive but the man was motionless. The cat also remained in his arms till [she]was rescued by us. ”

Source: The Dodo

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