Maru Acting As A Human


The video is all about a cat comfortably sleeping on the sofa. The cat’s name is called Maru and was conveniently having a nap on a well-designed sofa. With Maru’s two arms perfectly folded, it had a cool sleep on the sofa. Maru widely opened its legs during the sleeping process on the sofa. Another great thing Maru did while sleeping is to wangle its tail at every interval. Due to the comfort that it had while sleeping, Maru’s eyes were all closed.

Maru also placed its neck on the cushion of the sofa while sleeping. Maru’s sleeping position can as well be attributed to the comfort it had from the sofa. With no distraction from any corner, the cat found the sofa a comforting place to sleep. Maru’s sleeping position also shows a state of perfect relaxation for any cat of its kind. Maru is sure to remain in this position if no further disturb comes.

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