Men Found Lifeless Kitten by Roadside and Brought Him Back to Life


A man and his friends found a kitten lying lifelessly on the ground and saw they had to get him help quickly.


It looked the kitten was hit by a car. The first thing they were thinking was to get the kitten to a vet. One of the people went to find something to carry the kitten in.

They got the kitten some water and the little started drinking from the bottle right away.

Someone brought them an empty drawer from a desk, large enough for them to carry the kitten in. So off they went to seek for help.


While they were on their way to the vet, the kitten was meowing .. it was clearly in pain, and for a moment they thought they were about to lose him. They kept petting the kitten and moving his paws, trying to tell him to be strong.


When they got to the animal hospital, the staff began to examine the kitten and did everything they could to save him. The kitten was so weak that he slipped into a coma, but no one was willing to give up.

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