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Are you sick of staring at that unsightly cardboard box in the middle of your living room?  Yes, the one that sheds frayed packing tape and bubble wrap all day; the one your cat has staked claim to and proudly uses as a spot for lounging, napping, and playing.  It’s ugly, and these clever MEOWSES (Meow+Houses) are the solution.



A creative team from Brooklyn, NY has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund two cooky designs of cat houses that are durable (yes!), easy to assemble (yes!), and much easier on the eyes than a FedEx box, or, heaven forbid, something like these:


Unlike lots of other corrugated cat products we’ve seen, there was definitely a high level of detail and artistry put into these designs.  On each panel of the box, there are great small details, such as a display of catnip “strains” on the back of the dispensary (think “Meowee Wowee”) and a cute sign on the front of the Milk Bar featuring their “Live Music” (Kitty Purry – what else did you expect?)


The best part of these is the funny side illustrations which have a hole cut out just where the head should be, which leaves plenty of opportunities for silly pictures and just general laughs.  Check out the page here and make sure to watch the video of Smokey, the scruffy “spokescat” for this project.  The hilarious designs of MEOWSES come in two varieties: the edgy “Medical Catnip Dispensary” and, for the party animals, the “Milk Bar.”  Yes, cats love boxes, but we deserve some fun, too.



The idea for MEOWSES was developed by Dan Parkes and Jesse Levine of Brooklyn, NY, in collaboration with the creative team at PB&J Design, Inc.  Fed up with the boring and tacky designs offered in pet stores, they aimed to create something that was fun, functional, and space saving, with truly unique designs that would serve as a conversation piece in any cat lover’s home.  Bravo, Meowses.  Bravo.


The Kickstarter campaign only runs until November 19, so make sure to pledge before then so we can all give our cats something to enjoy for the holidays!


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