you are never gonna believe what happened to these kittens !


Some people are lucky though, like a Cox Communication employee who opened a package only to find two adorable stowaways inside.
It remains a mystery how two kittens wound up in a box full of fiberglass equipment shipped from Hollywood to Chula Vista, California. They are being nursed back to health at San Diego Humane Society

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  1. I have a heart warming story about a cat, this happened in the 1980's a little old lady took her pet cat from Sydney to Melbourne on a aircraft, unfortunately the feline passed away, the lady decided to bring her pet back to Sydney for burial, she sent the cat to Sydney as freight I'm a cat cage,as airfereight the cage was stored in the rear locker of a Boeing 737 which is not heated, only the front locker is heated, When the porters unloaded the cage at Sydney the cat was found frozen stiff," AAAAGGGhh the porter cried "some silly so & so sent the cat in the rear locker and it has frozen to death" , the Porters searched among the stray "moggies" that abound around the airport and substituted a similar live replacement cat., ( these cats are generally vicious critters — anyway — when the little old lady went to pick up her deceased cat at the freight office —" LO and BEHOLD " LAZEROUS ( the cat ) HAS RISEN FROM THE DEAD, HAL- A- LULYA.

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