Where to Place a Cat Scratching Post


Where to Place a Cat Scratching Post

Make your cat to use his scratching post is an art that can be difficult to master. Important part of it is a right placement of the scratching post.

Cats are actually lazy pets and won’t searching for a scratching post when they need one. So the cat tree has to be right there, or your cat will use anything he will find useful. Carpet, couch or anything you don’t want him to scratch.

So do you have to be a fortune teller to know where your cat will want to scratch next time? No. It’s easy if you understand habits of your cat.

3.Where is your feline scratching already?

Well, if you started to think about this problem,  your cat probably already has a favorite place (or a few places) to set her nails in. Cats use scratching as a part of territory marking, and it is very important that scratches are visible in certain places. This means, if your feline has a favorite place to scratch, they will be scratching there over and over again. So you already know where to put your scratching post. Right next to your cat’s favorite wall or piece of furniture.

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