How to Save a Choking Cat


How to Save a Choking Cat

Choking can be life threatening situation for your cat. The harder a choking cat tries to breathe, the more panicky he or she can become, a little bit like us. Your goal should be to open the airway without being bitten from your cat.
If you are uncertain whether your cat is choking, some signs to look for include the cat pawing at his or her mouth, a pale or blue cat tongue, obvious distress, and unconsciousness. If your cat is choking, use the following cat care tips.

Step 1: Approach the cat very carefully. If your cat is nervous, restrain the feline if necessary.
Step 2: Start to clear the cat’s airway.
Step 2a: Place one hand over the cat’s head so that your thumb and index finger fall just behind the long canines (fang teeth), the head resting against your palm. If the cat is struggling too much, proceed to Step 2e.
Step 2b: Gently tilt the cat’s head back so its nose is pointing upward. Push your thumb toward your finger; the mouth will open.


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  1. I have stressfully looking for cpr for a cat. My cat suffocated because of some type of condition. It happened all the time. But THIS time it was so bad not even the shots would work. Her whole throat and don't know how further in was swollen. I was forced to watch Her die in distress !!! I tried cpr but probably not long enough. I felt helpless. One of the saddest days of my life. (Tears)

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