How to Save a Choking Cat


Step 2c: Carefully pull the tongue out. If you see what’s blocking the cat’s airway try to remove it with your fingers or needle-nose pliers (unless object is a needle).
Step 2d: If object is a needle and it is embedded deeply in the roof of the mouth, stop. Transport the cat immediately to the veterinarian. Keep the tongue gently pulled out of the mouth if the cat is in distress.
Step 2e: If you cannot remove the object (other than a needle), pick up the cat by grasping its back legs; turn it upside down and shake vigorously. Slapping the back while shaking may help to dislodge the object.
Step 2f: If object is still not dislodged, lay the feline on its side, place your palms behind her last rib on both sides of the abdomen, and gently press your palms together quickly 3 or 4 times. If the object is still caught, repeat this procedure.
Step 3: If you cannot dislodge the object, transport the cat to the veterinarian immediately.
Step 4: If you dislodge the object but the cat is not breathing, feel for a heartbeat by placing your fingers about one inch behind the cat’s elbow and in the center of its chest.

Step 5: If the cat’s heart is not beating, proceed to Step 6. If it is beating, perform artificial respiration.
Step 5a: Turn the cat on its side.
Step 5b: Extend the head and neck. Hold the cat’s mouth and lips closed and blow firmly into its nostrils. Administer one breath every three to five seconds. Repeat until you feel resistance or see the chest rise.


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  1. I have stressfully looking for cpr for a cat. My cat suffocated because of some type of condition. It happened all the time. But THIS time it was so bad not even the shots would work. Her whole throat and don't know how further in was swollen. I was forced to watch Her die in distress !!! I tried cpr but probably not long enough. I felt helpless. One of the saddest days of my life. (Tears)

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