So You Want A Bengal Cat


So You Want A Bengal Cat ?



  1. I only have a cross but he sweeps stuff off my dresser to jump on the wardrobe, climbs the screen at the window, tips over his water bowls, my drinks so he can play in the water, wanders around shouting cos the other cats are asleep and he wants to play, wriggles under my duvet and bites my toes to wake me.
    He also likes to grab hold of cat toys and play tug of war all the time hissing.
    Oh and he has learnt to open my wardrobe door and systematically empties the contents.
    Did I mention he's only half bengal?? Lol

  2. My part bengal black kitty Jayne (he was really a dark tabby..we only found out he was part bengal on his death when I did some research on his markings) was one of the funniest, most infuriatingly adorable cats ever…Because he was taken too young from his mother, he used to suck my earlobe as a substitute for a pacifier or Momcat. He also was one of the least graceful creatures, as he tended to slip and fall off things like the desk, the table, the dishwasher, the get the idea. He also had the longest tail I had ever seen on a cat, and he would always swish it like a flag. It's been over a year now and I still miss the little stinker…would I get another bengal? Yes, if the right one came along.

  3. I have two of those lovely kitties, they are definitely high energy and needs lots of toys to play with. I found anything that can be turned into a kitty is a official a kitty toy.

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