How To Spoil Your Cat


Find the cat . Can you see the little furrbaby hiding? Is she playing hide and see. I also love the print on the furniture.
I hope this kitty has no fear of heights because it seems really high .

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  2. I've started a project to create a more stimulating environment for the two cat inhabitants in my one room apartment this far just shelves with carpet on the wall and of course the classic "cat furniture". Money is often scarse so I use cheep materials: door mats on sale cut up to fit the shelves that a friend helped me to cut up from an old book case, etc etc. Next I'm planning to make tunnels from "concrete tubes" (made of some sort of cardboard and used on building sites, know what I mean?). Thus far the project has cost me less than € 30, using almost exclusively second hand and stuff on sale. Do i have to say tbe cats love it!

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