The Story of Cheetah Cub Ruuxa & Puppy Pal Raina


The amazing story of Ruxxa and Raina

Do cats and dogs have anything in common? For one cat in particular- it’s a story that will show you how animals do care for each other. Ruxxa the Cheetah was born with a bone abnormality in both of his forelimbs in the San Diego Zoo. Ruxxa was also abandoned by her mother since birth and due to this, zoo vets had to work quickly. Enter Raina, a Rhodesian ridgeback dog that was paired with Ruxxa since she was just a little puppy. Vets at the zoo broke their normal protocol since the little cheetah needed vaccinations until the puppy was healthy enough. A bold and touching recovery story that will leave you hopeful all day long. And since the two were raised together for more than just comfort, it’s a real-life miracle that bonds them both.

Sometimes we see animals that are born with medical conditions that aren’t looking so good. Some owners might not be willing to take the extra steps to pay for risky medical treatments and recovery either. Here are two different animals who showed the odds could be beaten through love and compassion- for each other! Ruxxa was born with a rare condition called valgus abnormality, (a growth to his front limbs causing the limbs to bow unnaturally), which the vets of the San Diego Zoo had never seen before.

They decided to proceed with corrective surgery for Ruxxa, though the doctors had no idea what would happen next? Watch and recommend The Story of Cheetah Cub Ruuxa & Puppy Pal Raina for an inspirational and heart-warming message. The bond between Ruxxa and Raina shows you that there are no boundaries between the animal species. They have developed a caring nature for each other, reminding us all that we can do the same for others.

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