Three Persian leopards released to boost Russian population

A leopard is fitted with a tracking collar

A leopard is fitted with a tracking collar

Before middle of the 20th century, Persian leopards were common in the Caucasus. But, by 1950, their populace had dramatically reduced, and was entirely extinct in a few areas reportedly because of human activities.
In 2005, Russian
President Vladimir Putin offers supported the program since 2009
The task was an ambitious undertaking, based on the promoters. Initial, the territory was ready for the uncommon cats. Ungulate populations were improved in order to offer prey and protection steps strengthened.
Adult leopards from zoos can’t be released in to the wild: they cannot catch prey and so are not afraid of human beings, it was gathered. In ’09 2009,
In the beginning, Later on, by 2016, a complete of 14 kittens had been born in the centre.
The leopards released reach sexual maturity and received particular training to survive independently in the wild. There is also satellite collars that may allow programme staffers to monitor the cats after their launch.
The programme aims to make a self-sustaining Persian leopard population in the open, this means a population of at least 50 leopards in the Northern Caucasus. Though there continues to be much work to accomplish, the first release offers huge expect these endangered cats, officials disclosed.
In 2007, since 2009, it’s been supported individually by Vladimir Putin.


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