Video Shows Tiger Grabbing Leg Of Trainer!


Some disturbing footage from Florida. In the video, we see how a young circus tiger grabs a leg of the trainer and then get’s a beating in front of the parents and children.

The trainer was giving a small show for the children when all of a sudden the trainer was grabbed by the leg.
The 2-year-old tiger named Gandhi got the legs of the trainer with her claws.
After the incident, the trainer went and talk to the kids to tell that she was not bitten by the tiger but still went to the hospital.


If that wasn’t shocking enough the children also saw how the other trainer David Donnert ( also the fiance of the other trainer )
came in between to save her from the tiger but he came in brutal hitting the tiger hard with a stick.

According to the trainer it was the only response to act on the behaviour from the tiger.
Some say it’s more an act of animal abuse.

When we “Cats Paradise” got the video we saw another disturbing fact and that’s when the second trainer enters the cage he opens the door but does not close it after him.
This could have been catastrophic if they had escaped!


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