Tiny Rescue Kitten Adopts a Tinier Orphan Kitten. It’s the Purrfect Pair!


A little rescue kitten has just adopted a even smaller orphan kitten. Stitch and Pinky the baby kitten are like each other, two small survivors, who have a lot to live for.
Pinky was found in an attic of a house. Sadly, she is the only surviving kitten. Like Stitch, who is the only one that made it in her litter. When they found each other, it was love at first sight.
Carla the foster mom wrote on Facebook: “(At Petco), there was a little girl and her mom with this tiny baby they had for 2 hours. The mom had no idea the baby needs bottle feedings and was buying all kinds of older kitty stuff. She’s a hairdresser and that means 10 hour days!
She asked if there was a place that would take her and her little girl started crying so what could I do? The lady wants her so I will bottle feed her until she’s on wet food.
They are curled up together now sleeping. Pinky is in good health for what she’s been through, about 2 weeks old. She has fleas but we got a lot off at the vet and she had a Dawn bath as soon as I got her home.

Tiny Rescue Kitten Adopts a Tinier Orphan Kitten7

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