Two Cats Bond With A Duck


Two cats and a duck adopted each other after they were taken in by a family this year. They share an incredible bond.

After Katie S. and her husband Nick D. lost their beloved black lab Minnie, they were heart broken, and knew they could not get another dog anytime soon, but they still wanted some pets.

When they heard about 2 kittens that needed a home to stay, they took them in, but that’s not all.

“Another one of my friends posted on her Facebook that she had ducks, and I’m like… ‘that’d be kind of fun.’”

The family introduced Penny the duck chick to their 2 cats, Sheldon and Leonard. The 2 ginger brothers got quickly accepted Penny as part of the gang.

When the cats come to hang out with Penny in the morning, they head right to her nest. They spend the whole day together in the yard sitting in the sunlight or just wandering around, and when the sun goes down Penny goes back to her crate.

“Hangin’ out… that’s what they do,” said Katie.

2 cats and a duck have adopted each other and share a special bond. Meet Sheldon and Leonard the cats and Penny the duck.

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