Watch This Miracle Preemie Kitten with the Heart of a Lion!


Little Freyja was found as a premature kitten, the smallest kitten they have seen. But the little baby has the heart of a lion and has made a miraculous comeback with lot’s of love from the family that gave never gave up on this little one.

“they came to us on 29th May just after a lady posted on Facebook asking for some help with a premature kitten tht was rejected by its mother,” said Debbie Timmis.

Miracle Preemie Kitten 1

“The kitten had been found on the settee and was only noticed a ‘damp patch’, the kitten was 60g when we got her and she was virtually hairless and she had missed out on the first vital few hours of feeding most of all from her mother who was unable to feed her due to stress, the mother was taken to the vets the following day.”

Miracle Preemie Kitten 2


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