The story of a 20 year old Cat named ” Forrest ” Spending His Retirement in Sunny Window with a Note at Shelter.


 20 years old Forrest. He’s spending his retirement in this sunny window at the shelter, enjoying the sunlight .

The note says:

“My name is Forrest. I am about 20 yrs old and in kidney failure. I am enjoy my life sitting in the sunlight. You can pet me. I appreciate the attention. – Love Forrest.”


Forrest and his brother Sunny had been found in a weird situation last year. I don’t know much about their previous home, they had been in the shelter for awhile.



Forrest loves sun beams so they set up a station by the window just for him.


He also loves to be pet by people, so they put up a note from Forrest on the window. How sweet of her !


Forrest is doing well , They are doing everything they possibly can to keep him going.

He was purring up a storm yesterday when I sat with him. I brought a pillow to the window, set it next to him and felt it was too small so I went to the closet to get a bigger one.

He’s such a sweet boy with lots of love left. I think he’s been loving the attention he’s getting in the sunny window.”


Respect for the shelter that they giving such a good care to Forrest !!

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